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Welcome to Decision Concepts Decisionconcepts.com is a project to further develop and exercise my knowledge and skill in enterprise Linux system administration and network security. This website is self hosted and runs on CentOS Linux/kernel-ml for Enterprise Linux 8.  The server hosts Apache Web Server, MySQL, PHP, as well as the Postfix MTA and Dovecot IMAP server. The server is a Dell Optiplex GX620 3.4 GHz Presler Pentium-D, 120 GB PNY CS900 SSD, with 4 GB RAM connected to consumer internet service. Webmail is served by Squirrelmail. The Apache service is encrypted by Lets Encrypt SAN SSL certificates, as well as the Postfix MTA, Dovecot IMAP server and Postfix SASL.  Security includes automatic detection and defense against brute force and other attacks against a wide variety of known attack vectors including port scans, SQL injection, web application attacks and PHP vulnerabilities – particularly those that target WordPress and other associated content management system components. Additional security precautions include automatic daily mass banning of malicious IP addresses via blacklists downloaded from AbuseIPDB and processed into firewall IPSETS and port blocked.  IP addresses attacking this server are automatically banned and reported to AbuseIPDB via fail2ban. This system is security-hardened by Security-Enhanced (SE) Linux enforcement. Please look over some of the posts I have written and published on this webzone.  The blog posts are intended to provide my insight and opinion on various computer or IT related topics.  Posts will be updated on a regular basis, including future guides sharing my experience in setting up/configuring/maintaining/securing and optimizing all facets of a Linux server. Also take a look at the forum, served by phpBB BBS software.  If you came here while searching for information on Linux or any of my post topics please feel free to ask questions, provide your insight, or just say hello!  I would enjoy hearing from you. Shane Hill Decision Concepts Your Technology Innovators.


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